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  • » Does Job Matter for the Happiness?
    KANBUR, Aysun
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  • » Performance of Agriculture Sector Pre and Post Globalization: An Analysis of Pakistan
    Danish, Danish; Shabbir, Ghazala; Ahmed, Zahoor
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  • » Customer Satisfaction between Islamic and Conventional Banks: Case of Pakistan.
    Riaz, Ahsan; Raheel, Awad; Sadiq, Nadia
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  • » Associations between Income and Social Relations in Later Life
    Kang, Hyunsook; Ahn, Bonnie
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  • » Super-Organizational Factors Effective in Official and Financial Corruption in Public...
    Azimi, Hossein; Ajalli, Mehdi
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  • » Education Administration and Management: How Classical Theory of Bureaucracy of Max...
    Annie, Penda
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  • » Evaluation of Companies Environmental Practices in Nigeria
    Ijeoma, Ngozi Blessing
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  • » Financial Liberalization- ‘A Macroeconomic Impact Analysis’: A Study Based on Sri...
    Patabendige, S. S. J.; Senarath, S. A. C. L.
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  • » The Determinants of the Inflow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the Economy of...
    Opoku, Eric Febiri; Baah, Boamah Kofi; Lydia, Osei Owusu; Alfred, Hayford
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  • » Presenting a Conceptual Model of Organic Entrepreneurial Venture Growth: An...
    Dissanayake, D.M.N.S.W.; Semasinghe, D.M.
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  • » Behavioral in the Execution Time within the Audit Process of Financial Statements:...
    García-Santillán, Arturo; Vela-Aguilar, Juan Antonio; Hernández, Celia Cristóbal; García-Aquino, María de los Ángeles; Martínez-Rivera, Leonides
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  • » Development of Novel Robust Reputation Evaluation Method for Dynamic Federation of Clouds
    Alguliyev, Rasim; Abdullayeva, Fargana
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  • » The Role of Microfinance on Poverty Reduction: A Case Study of Adansi Rural Bank in...
    Adu, John Kwame; Anarfi, Boahemaa Opoku; Poku, Kwasi
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  • » The Qualities of Structural Behavior in Masonery Buildings Architecture
    Rahmani, Foad; Hossaini, Sayed Ebrahim; Ramvash-Jan, Majid; Maleki, Ahmad
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  • » A Study on the Effect of ENSO Phenomenon on Temperature and Precipitation Parameters...
    Benshams, Ameneh; Salehizadeh, Ali Akbar; Rahmanian, Mohammad; Gandomkar, Amir
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  • » Lead of India in Glittering Gold: A Perspective Approach
    Suryavanshi, Dr. Anil G.
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