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Public Policy And Administration

The journal 'Social Sciences' publishes results of research on complex social problems which require interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach. We seek to include contributions on complex issues related to individual, group, organization's performance and its improvement, processes of integration both from a general philosophical point of view and with reference to global and local environment. There is also a focus on articles devoted to the development of social research that contribute to improving the ways of addressing complex social issues. This distinguishes the journal among other publications in the field.
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Social Sciences

The focus of the journal is the Social Sciences and their fields (Management and Administration, Educational Science, Sociology, Economics). The concept of the journal emphasizes integration of the Social Sciences and cooperation among researchers (interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity).
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New Proposals: Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry

A transnational, peer-reviewed journal of Marxism and interdisciplinary inquiry that is dedicated to the radical transformation of the contemporary world order.Our Mandate:This journal represents an attempt to explore issues, ideas, and problems that lie at the intersection between the academic disciplines of social science and the body of thought and political practice that has constituted Marxism over the last 150 years. New Proposals is a journal of Marxism and interdisciplinary Inquiry that is dedicated to the radical transformation of the contemporary world order. We see our role as providing a platform for research, commentary, and debate of the highest scholarly quality that contributes to the struggle to create a more just and humane world, in which the systematic and continuous exploitation, oppression, and fratricidal struggles that characterize the contemporary sociopolitical order no longer exist.
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Deakin Papers on International Business Economics

Deakin Papers on International Business Economics (DPIBE) is an online academic journal established primarily for students and is housed at Deakin Business School. DPIBE's aim is to publish short articles on various aspects of applying theories of economics and political economy to the international business environment. It seeks papers that present an original argument that is thought-provoking and accessible to anyone with an interest in the application of economics to international business.
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Quarterly Economic Brief

Quarterly Economic Brief is a regular update on major macroeconomic developments in China. Its aim is to provide academics, business leaders and policy makers with a comprehensive and concise analysis of the most important economic developments and policy changes.
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Journal of Business Anthropology

The Journal of Business Anthropology is an Open Access journal which publishes the results of anthropological and related research in business organizations and business situations of all kinds. This website is the home of JBA, and here you will find the Published Issues as well as Reviews of literature relevant to the field. The journal also publishes Field Reports and Case Studies as they are submitted. Please refer to the relevant sections for updates.
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Ledelse & Erhvervsøkonomi

Ledelse & Erhvervsøkonomi
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Labour and Management in Development

Labour and Management Development (ISSN 1443-6698) is a journal publishing research on management and labour issues in nations undergoing accelerated economic development. What's new? LMD 15 is now up as the Current Edition.  More contributions are expected over the next few weeks from authors currently making changes to their submitted articles. LMD 16 will be a general edition.  Potential contributors should consult the notes on this site and make their submission on line. Anyone with ideas for other special editions is encouraged to contact the editor.
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Nordic Journal of Health Economics

The Nordic Journal of Health Economics publishes empirical and theoretical research within the field of Health Economics. We aim to focus broadly and invite contributions on health economic topics from researchers both inside and outside of the Nordic countries. Special, but not exclusive, attention is given to topics that are relevant to the Nordic setting and to Nordic research agendas. Submissions should have a clear health economic approach and foundation (e.g. be positioned in relevant (health) economic literature and/or use economic methods and theory). If needed, the manuscript's relevance for the health economic field should be explained and motivated.
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The Review of Regional Studies

The focus of The Review is based upon the founding vision of the SRSA; papers of potential interest are those that examine social, economic, political and behavioral phenomena that have a spatial dimension. The Review of Regional Studies has been provided as a service to the scholarly community by the Southern Regional Science Association since 1970. We publish high-quality scholarly research, and provide for wide dissemination as an open access journal with no fees of any kind.

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Ecos de Economía: A Latin American Journal of Applied Economics

Ecos de Economia is an international journal of applied economics, with a particular interest in the quantitative analysis of economic, financial, and public policy issues and/or themes related to Latin America. Articles that include and analyze national data are particularly welcome, since these data are often unavailable to international researchers outside the region. The journal is not interested in manuscripts that are solely conceptual in nature.

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Journal of Business Models

The Journal of Business Models is an open source, peer reviewed, international journal devoted to establishing the discipline of business models as a separately recognised core discipline in academia - as is already the case in practice. The key audience of this journal is academics and dedicated consultants. As this journal aims at pushing the knowledge of the field to a higher level, and to becoming a core discipline in due course, the rigorousness of the review process and the quality of the published papers naturally lend themselves to an expert audience. However, policy-makers, politicians, entrepreneurs and students with high academic aspirations will also benefit substantially from the mix of articles in this journal. For audiences with lower academic aspirations in academic terms but wanting to get a feel for the newest insights, models and application techniques, we refer to the textbook Business Models: Networking, Innovating and Globalizing.


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Applied Economics Journal

Applied Economics Journal is a peer-reviewed journal of the Center for Applied Economics Research (CAER), Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University, Bangkok. It was first published in 1994 as the “Kasetsart University Journal of Economics”. The journal title has been changed to AEJ since vol.17 no.1 (June 2010). AEJ is indexed in CAB Abstracts, IDEAS/RePEc and TCI. Two issues are published a year, in June and December. All articles are open access. No submission fee and page charge.
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NIDA Economic Review Journal

NIDA Economic Review (NER) aims to report the results pertaining to various areas of specializatio, icluding environmental economics, developmet ecoomics, industrial economics, financial economics, international econmics, monetary theory ad policies, and other applied economics.
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WMS Journal of Management

WMS Journal of Management
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Journal of Environmental Management

Journal of Environmental Management
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Journal of Social Development

Journal of Social Development

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Ekonomski vjesnik/Econviews

Ekonomski Vjesnik / Econviews – Review of Contemporary Entrepreneurship, Business, and Economic Issues is intended for researchers and practitioners, and devoted to the publication of papers that  contribute to the theoretical, methodological and empirical insights in the complex field of economics. Articles can be based on quantitative as well as qualitative analyses; they can be a synthesis of previous research and discuss open issues in specific areas of social and economic  practice. The journal welcomes papers focused on different levels of analysis (from individual cases  to small or large samples) and contexts (SMEs and large companies, industrial sectors, local, regional and national economies, international economics, branches of economy, healthcare and education,  labour and demographics, natural resources and other socio-economic frameworks). The journal is focused on research in economics, business economics and entrepreneurship,  however, as these are closely intertwined with other disciplines – information and technical sciences,  law, sociology, psychology and other fields – multidisciplinary submissions are also welcome.

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Proceedings of International Scientific Conference Business Logistics in Modern Management

International Scientifi Conference Business Logistics in Modern Management aims to bring together scientists and experts engaged in problems of business logistics and distribution of goods and services with the purpose of exchange of professional opinions and scientific ideas.
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Proceedings of Rijeka Faculty of Economics

The Concept of the Journal is focused on publishing articles dealing with economic theory as well as economic policies. It is primarily oriented to scientific papers, but it also publishes professional articles of exceptional quality that are estimated to contribute to economic theory and practice. The second part contains reviews of books and scientific works in the field of economics as well as those dealing with other related scientific fields. In addition, the Journal promotes international conferences, announces public tenders and provides useful information on other important events.
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Doğuş University Journal

Dogus University Journal (ISSN 1302-6739; e-ISSN 1308-6979) is a refereed, multi-disciplinary, bi-annual, periodical journal containing original papers both in English and Turkish. Published since 2000, in January and July, all research articles in the Journal are being double-blind peer reviewed.

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The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration

The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration (ISSN 2285-3332, On-line ISSN 2344-3847, ISSN-L 2285-3332) appeared until 2011, inclusively, under the name of The Annals of the Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Fascicle of the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration (with ISSN 2066-575X). It appeared for the first time in 2001, when the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration organized the first symposium; after that, the symposium had a periodical oranization and the journal appeared periodically, too.

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METU Studies in Development

METUSD is one of the oldest journal in Turkey in the area of economics and administrative sciences, established in 1974. The journal is a double-blind refereed journal soliciting original research articles in the fields of economics, business administration, international relations, political science, and public administration. It is currently published as three issues per year, April, August, and December.
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Journal of Agriculture and Environment for International Development

The Journal (2240-2802) of the Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo has been published since 1907 under different names. The Journal of Agriculture and Environment for International Development is an international, multidisciplinary journal dealing with agricultural production, biotechnology, food security, environment, remote sensing and natural resources evaluation, economics and social science, rural development and soil science. The Journal publishes scientific, technical and extensional papers concerning italian cooperation activities devoted to Developing Countries and Countries in transition.
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Journal of Financial Studies

The Journal of Financial Studies (JFS) is the official publication of the Taiwan Finance Association (TFA). The JFS publishes important research across all the major fields of financial research. There are four issues a year in March, June, September, and December. We encourage scholars around the globe to submit their research to the JFS. The journal is included in the Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI) of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the EconLit of the American Economic Association (AEA). The Editorial Board includes a chief editor, three associate editors and 36 editorial board members. Each submitted article is double-blind peer reviewed. All accepted manuscripts will be published in English. Authors submitting Chinese manuscripts must translate the manuscripts into English, ensure that translated versions are consistent with the content of the original manuscripts, and proof edit the translated versions to ensure that the English is professionally acceptable before publication.

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