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Journal of Economics, Trade and Marketing Management

Journal of Economics, Trade and Marketing Management (JETMM) is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal published by the Scholink. The journal aims to promote excellence through dissemination of high-quality research findings, specialist knowledge, and discussion of professional issues that reflect the diversity of this field. Authors are encouraged to submit complete, unpublished, original, and full-length articles that are not under review in any other journals to Journal of Economics, Trade and Marketing Management. Both of online submission and E-mail submission are acceptable. The online version of the journal is free to access and download.
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Tanzania Journal of Development Studies

Tanzania Journal of Development Studies is an interdisciplinary journal. It encourages research that seeks to transcend the conventional disciplinary boundaries in social science in order to capture broader and more nuanced perspectives of development problems. Inter-disciplinarity sits at the heart of the Journal, reflecting the recognition of the necessity to engage politics, political economy and history in order to advance an understanding of local realities within a global context and of the global from the vintage point of the local. More specifically, it focuses, among other issues, on topics that deal with the analysis of rural and agricultural transformation, industrialization, development strategies, gender and poverty issues, science and technology and the environment with respect to Tanzania and other African countries.
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Tanzania Economic Review

Tanzanian Economic Review (TER) is a biannual journal of the Department of Economics, which is a part of the College of Social Sciences (COSS) of the University of Dar es Salaam. TER aims to promote greater understanding of socio-economic factors and processes that influence and shape transformation of developing countries. The Journal is not limited to the Tanzanian Economy, it covers all aspects of Economics and Economic Transformation in developing countries and beyond. The journal is registered both print and online with the following numbers ISSN (p) 0856-3373 (print) and ISSN L (e) 2507-7740 electronic/online),respectively. TER is normally published as Vol.1 and Vol. 2 and the issues are produced in July and December of every year, respectively.
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Business Management Review

Business Management Review (BMR) is a semi-annually refereed journal publishing original scholarly research on business and organizational management. BMR is intended to foster research from a variety of business-related disciplines. It is open to, and indeed encourages a wide range of topical issues and emerging methods, conceptual approaches, and substantive problem areas within the domain of business and organizational management. It is devoted to the improvement and further development of theories and practices of business/organizational management and it is designed to appeal to academics, practising managers and policy makers.
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Tanzania Journal for Population studies and Development

Tanzania Journal for Population studies and Development
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Journal of Enterprise and Development

Journal of Enterprise and Development (JED) is a scientific, peer-reviewed, and open-access journal published by the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business of Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Mataram. This journal is published half-yearly in June and December. The Journal aims to be an open-access journal platform that publishes and disseminates ideas and research on economics, finance, business, entrepreneurship, and tourism.
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Asian Journal of Business and Management

Asian Journal of Business and Management (AJBM) is a multi-disciplinary platform for all natural stakeholders including academics, professionals, researchers, policy-makers, regulators, and practitioners to contribute innovative work in all sub-areas of business and management. The journal stresses, emphasizes and accepts articles that can be theoretical, applied, experiential, case-based or policy-oriented in the areas of business and management.
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Studies of Applied Economics

Studies of Applied Economics is a peer-reviewed journal focused in the publication of empirical and theoretical papers in every field of Economics. Contributions which make use of the methods of mathematics, statistics, econometrics and operations research will be welcomed. In line with this strategic objective we aim to achieve a high level of scientific quality, without depreciating the clarity of expression, helping to develop a comprehensive communication between the different lines of expertise existing within Applied Economics, facilitating the dialogue and reciprocal understanding.

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Journal of Contemporary Issues in Economics and Business

Naše gospodarstvo/Our Economy – Journal of Contemporary Issues in Economics and Business is an international refereed journal which aims to provide a venue for high quality theoretical and empirical articles that significantly contribute to the disciplines of economic and business sciences. The journal publishes scientific articles in the fields of macro and microeconomics, business and management sciences as well as economic and social policies, which provides insights in economic developments, the effects of economic policy and contemporary business issues.
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Journal of Tourism Quarterly

The aim of Journal of Tourism Quarterly is to provide a peer-reviewed open access outlet for innovative studies that will make significant contributions to the knowledge, understanding, practice, and education of tourism.  This open access journal also aims to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge through publication of high-quality, peer-reviewed research papers, while serving as a unique peer-reviewed forum for the community of students, academics and practitioners with a shared interest and devotion to the field of tourism.
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Economic Analysis

Economic Analysis is a scientific journal published by the Institute of Economic Sciences (IES). It is published twice a year (in June and in December) in English, in printed and e-version. Economic Analysis's mission is to inform scientific and professional public about the results of original research in the field of economics, as well as about the positive public policies intended for surpassing the identified challenges. Since 2018, the journal is ranked as the leading national journal (M51) in the filed of economics and organizational science according to the decree of the Ministry of education, science and technological development of the Republic of Serbia.

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