Bio-based and Applied Economics

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  • » Modelling Economic Returns to Plant Variety Protection in the UK
    Srinivasan, Chittur S.; University of Reading Department of Agricultural & Food Economics
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  • » Biotechnologies and agrifood strategies: opportunities, threats and economic implications
    Wesseler, Justus; Università di Bologna
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  • » The Determinants of Farmer’s Intended Behaviour Towards the Adoption of Energy Crops in...
    Giannoccaro, Giacomo; Università di Córdoba; Berbel, Julio; University of Cordoba
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  • » Greening agricultural payments in the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy
    Matthews, Alan; University of Dublin
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  • » Economics of Food Security: Selected Issues
    Saravia-Matus, Silvia L.; European Commission Joint Research Center IPTS; Gomez y Paloma, Sergio; European Commission Joint Research Centre IPTS; Mary, Sebastien; European Commission Joint Research Centre IPTS
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  • » The Bio-Economy Concept and Knowledge Base in a Public Goods and Farmer Perspective
    Schmidt, Otto; Università di Bologna; Padel, Susanne; Levidow, Les
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  • » Heterogeneous preferences for water rights reforms among smallholder irrigators in...
    Speelman, Stijn; Ghent University; Veettil, Prakashan Chellattan
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  • » Assessment and governance of Ecosystem Services for improving management effectiveness...
    Marino, Davide; Università di Bologna; Gaglioppa, Pierluca; Schirpke, Uta; Guadagno, Rossella; Marucci, Angelo; Palmieri, Margherita; Pellegrino, Davide; Gusmerotti, Natalia
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  • » Analysing the economy-wide impact of the supply chains activated by a new biomass power...
    Bonfiglio, Andrea; Department of Economics and Social Sciences Università Politecnica delle Marche; Esposti, Roberto; Department of Economics and Social Sciences Università Politecnica delle Marche
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  • » Economics of Biofuels: An Overview of Policies, Impacts and Prospects
    Moschini, GianCarlo; Università di Bologna; Cui, Jingbo; Lapan, Harvey
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  • » Between crisis and development: which role for the bio-economy (and bio-economists)
    Romano, Donato
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  • » Greenhouse gases mitigation policies in the agriculture of Aragon, Spain
    Kahil, Mohamed Taher; Agrifood Research and Technology Center (CITA-Government of Aragon); Albiac, José; Agrifood Research and Technology Center (CITA-Government of Aragon)
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  • » Effects of switching between production systems in dairy farming
    Alvarez, Antonio; Arias, Carlos; Departamento de Economia y Estadistica Universidad de Leon Spain
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  • » An addendum to: a meta-analysis of hypothethical bias in stated preference valuation
    Stefani, Gianluca; University of Florence; Scarpa, Riccardo; Economics Department, Waikato Management School; Lombardi, Ginevra V.; University of Florence
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  • » Agricultural and oil commodities: price transmission and market integration between US...
    Rosa, Franco; University of Udine, Department DIAL; Vasciaveo, Michela; Weaver, Robert D.
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  • » Structures and dynamics of transnational cooperation networks: evidence based on Local...
    Pisani, Elena; Università degli Studi di Padova; Burighel, Laura; Università degli Studi di Padova
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  • » Structural and economic dynamics in diversified Italian farms
    Salvioni, Cristina; Department of Economics, University of Chieti-Pescara, Pescara; Ascione, Elisa; Inea, Rome,; Henke, Roberto; Inea, Rome,
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  • » Labour constraints on choosing profitable products for part-time farmers in Swiss...
    Latruffe, Laure; Università di Bologna; Mann, Stefan
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  • » An expost economic assessment of the intervention against highly pathogenic avian...
    Fadiga, Mohamadou L.; International Livestock Research Institute; Okike, Iheanacho; International Livestock Research Institute; Bett, Bernard; International Livestock Research Institute
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  • » Does the “green box” of the European Union distort global markets?
    Mittenzwei, Klaus; Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute; Britz, Wolfgang; University of Bonn; Wieck, Christine; University of Bonn
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  • » The contribution of different off-farm income sources and government payments to...
    Severini, Simone; Università degli Studi della Tuscia; Tantari, Antonella; Università degli Studi della Tuscia, Viterbo
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  • » Horizontal Price Transmission in Agricultural Markets: Fundamental Concepts and Open...
    Listorti, Giulia; Università di Bologna; Esposti, Roberto
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  • » Credence goods, consumers’ trust in regulation and high quality exports
    Cuffaro, Nadia; University of Cassino. Department of Economics and Law; Di Giacinto, Marina; University of Cassino. Department of Economics and law
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  • » Modelling the adoption of automatic milking systems in Noord-Holland
    Floridi, Matteo; IRPET, Istituito Regionale Programmazione Economica della Toscana.; Bartolini, Fabio; University of Pisa; Peerlings, Jack; Wageningen University; Polman, Nico; LEI Wageningen University; Viaggi, Davide; University of Bologna
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  • » The Common Agricultural Policy as a driver of water quality changes: the case of the...
    Salmoral, Gloria; Technical University of Madrid; Garrido, Alberto; Technical University of Madrid
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