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Atomic Genetics and Origin of the Universe - Volume-7

Social and Basic Sciences Research Review

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Title Atomic Genetics and Origin of the Universe - Volume-7
Creator DAS, V. M.
Subject energy matter equivalence, divine nature of electron particle, divine nature of photon particle, Chandrasekhar limit, color mindness and fifth natural force,
Description Having learned about atomic genetics in volume 6 [23], we now investigate few phenomena and their clarification by participatory science. Energy matter equivalence has been found an illusion as energy B.B.B and matter B.B.B are absolute and not inter-convertible. The mass property of both B.B.Bs are opposite as their inertia which is inherent property of their masses are opposite. One has absolute rest (matter B.B.B.) as inherent property while other one is having motion (energy B.B.B) in all direction. Mind has been incorporated in physics. Now every unit is divine.  Electron is divine as well as potential barriers are divine. Now tunnel effect would be explained not by wave nature of electron rather by divine particle nature of electron.  It has been found that fate of stars is designed by their mind rather than any theory of Chandrasekhar limit.  Hence white dwarf, neutron stars and black massive body (so called black hole) are formed by the mind triggered during dying stages of stars step by step. It is just like mind of seed decides the tree to be formed rather than its mass. Pulsars are most mysterious objects of the universe. It is the F.E. (functional energy) of energized gravitons that is the cause of spin and other energy effects of pulsar. It is the mind that decides the relationship between rotations (slow and fast) and type of radiations (gamma, Xray, optical and radio) in pulsar. Phenomena of interference and polarization are due to divine particle property of photons rather that wave nature of light. It is myth that light has got dual nature. In interference it is redistribution of monochromatic light photons that causes light and dark band rather than enhancing (constructing interference -- super trough and crest) and disappearance (destructive interference -cancellation of wave) of wave. It is the mind of media that decides the polarization of light whether vertical or horizontal polarization. The color of objects is due to either selective absorption or reflection of VIBGYOR property of pigments or objects or due to transmutation (which are not VIBGYOR) of color property of pigments or objects. It is the mind of object that decides the type of color mindnes to be reflected or transmutated and it is our Brain that realizes that activated color mindness. It is the mind of objects that makes our universe colorful by either selective absorption and reflection of color mindness of VIBGYOR or by transmutation of color mindnesses of the emergent light if the reflected color is not VIBGYOR. There are thousands of color mindnesses in nature rather than three colors (primary color). Finally, there are not four natural forces that nature has created to maintain structure and function of the universe rather there is one more force called fifth natural force made up of pure activated attractive atomic genes  works in secondary fermions and secondary bosons , tertiary fermions, quaternary fermions and finally in nucleus structure formation. It maintains integrity of particles and nucleus of all atoms.
Publisher Academy of Business & Scientific Research (ABSR)
Date 2014-09-19
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Peer-reviewed Article
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Source Social and Basic Sciences Research Review; Vol 2, No 4 (2014); 197-255
Language eng
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