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Legal Status Of The Caspian Sea: History And Present

European Journal of Business and Economics

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Title Legal Status Of The Caspian Sea: History And Present
Creator Kapyshev, Ardak; Abai Myrzakhmetov University, Kokshetau
Subject Status of the Caspian Sea, Division of ground of the Caspian Sea, Caspian bordering countries
Description At  the  present  stage  one  of  the  unsolved   problems in  interstate relations of  Caspian bordering countries is defining international­legal status of the Caspian Sea. It is noted in the article that this problem is not a new one at all. The history of “division” of the Caspian Sea begins in the ancient age, namely in VIII century. It is underlined that the basic stumbling block  is the position of Iran on the right to use the Caspian Sea, and also occurrence of extra regional players, such as  the USA, China, etc. First of  all, it is connected with rich oil fields and other minerals, and also with convenient geopolitical and geostrategic position. The only way to worry out the international­legal delimitation of the Caspian Sea problem is a negotiating process. By now, despite of  certain disagreements on  legal status of  the Caspian Sea, five Caspian bordering countries managed to achieve certain progress, admitting the possibility of applying the principle of sectorial sectioning on the Caspian Sea.  Clear proof  of  it is the agreements on  division of ground on the northern part of Caspian Sea signed between Kazakhstan, Russia and Azerbaijan. It is important that Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan clearly stated their positions and agreed to make a compromise in their official statements. More than likely, in the near future Iran will soften its position, considering its present  situation and   strained relations with the USA. It has been alleged that the constructive  dialog  already  started; everything depends on  the mobility,  concurrency and rationality of actions of all Caspian bordering countries.
Publisher CBU, o.p.s.
Date 2012-09-01
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Peer-reviewed Article
Format application/pdf
Source European Journal of Business and Economics; Vol 6 (2012)
Language eng
Rights Copyright (c) 2012 Ardak Kapyshev