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Descriptive Approach Towards Managing True E-governments

The Journal of Management and Research

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Title Descriptive Approach Towards Managing True E-governments
Creator Qureshi, Khubaib Ahmed
Hussain, Syed Jamal
Description The role of true e-Government is becoming vital and gaining much attention as modern businesses need adaptive, dynamic and strategic business partnerships in the form of Virtual Organizations and e-Enterprises to survive in the turbulent and global competitive environment. Therefore, managing today's dynamic, collaborative and networked nature of government environment is quite challenging. Real e-Government solution is expected to use, flexible and reusable technology to support valuable citizens and modern business expectations to access necessary government services and information. Here comes the requirement for more efficient ways of integrating their systems together under appropriate e-Government solution. It enables citizens and business organizations to interact with government on nearly all matters, 24/7, without knowing which part of the government is providing the required service. In fact, much research work is being done in e-Business Integration but e-Government Integration is comparatively ignored. As a matter of fact, practical implementation of 'seamless' government across jurisdiction is the most challenging aspect of the future of eGovernment which is the subject of our research. In this research, we first formalize the basis/requirements of such e-Government Integration framework as standard and then analyze all candidate software solutions which could help us in development of better and appropriate integrated solution of e-Government, and finally develop the required e-Government Integration framework that adheres to the requirements. Fulfilling our requirement, major approaches like SOA and EDA, transformation of supporting technologies starting from Electronic Data Interchange to WS's and integration at processes level through XML are primarily examined with the intent to give easy to use, reusable, flexible, scalable and adaptable e-Government Integration solution. Our proposed solution encompasses the most difficult problem of efficiently connecting varied inter eGovernments and intra e-Government activities with citizens and modern business configurations like: Virtual Organizations (VO), e-Enterprises, etc. allowing the governments to respond efficiently
Publisher University of Management and Technology
Date 2019-11-29
Type info:eu-repo/semantics/article
Format application/pdf
Source Journal of Management and Research; Vol 1 No 1 (2014): Volume 1, Isuue 1 2014; 1-20
Language eng
Rights Copyright (c) 2019 Editorial Assistant; Khubaib Ahmed Qureshi, Syed Jamal Hussain