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Foreign Direct investment and Growth in Indian Economy: Time Series Analysis

Social and Basic Sciences Research Review

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Title Foreign Direct investment and Growth in Indian Economy: Time Series Analysis
Creator Kamran, Prof. Hafiz Waqas
Yousaf, Prof. Muhammad Kamran
Subject FDI, infrastructure, economic growth, financial outcomes,
Description Purpose-booming economic growth and related development depends heavily upon the various endogenous and exogenous factors. These factors are numerous but to examine the effect of foreign direct investment FDI as a major determinant or not for the economic growth of the Indian economy is major concern. Higher the investment from the foreign MNCs and their impact on the economic development is key issue to deal with.Research Methodology-Current study analysis uses linear regression technique to determine the significant impact of predictors of economic growth from the Indian economy perspective over a period of 32 years from 1980 to 2011.Findings/Outcomes-Contemporary analysis explains that economic growth of India has been affected by number of explanatory variables. Regression result analysis suggests that there is a significant positive relationship between the economic growth, infrastructure, exchange rate, inflation rate and investment in the energy related sectors and hence these are variables leads to economic development.Research limitations-This study focuses on just one economy of developing countries in the south Asia. It has emphasis on a particular set of predictor. Study does not reveal anything about the other segments and growth lead elements of the economy. It should also focus on further constituent part which in coming back will provide improved outcomes for generalizing over the economy as a whole.Implication of the study-A variety of factors was observed that could be regarded as elements while making a plan in enhancing economic growth financial outcomes in the emerging economy of India. The results indicate that various growth-lead elements are contributing in defining the economic prosperity. The impact of current study analysis can be viewed from its role in order to fill the gap in the theoretical framework. Current results can be incorporated to the unoccupied literature field and help out to make available as a foundational tip on which studies in future would be carried out.
Publisher Academy of Business & Scientific Research (ABSR)
Date 2014-11-07
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Peer-reviewed Article
Format application/pdf
Source Social and Basic Sciences Research Review; Vol 2 No 11 (2014); 465-478
Language eng
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